Wishing You a Joyous Year Ahead!

Selene Among the Stars

'Selene Among The Stars'

As our little blue planet plunges headlong on another challenging journey around the sun, here is wishing that this new year brings you hope and heroes, kindness and love, wisdom and compassionate understanding;  and as you wake to the coming days, may your dreams find light, and grow to change the world to the place you would have it be, in ways large and small.


All the best in 2018!


-George Murphy | FirstHand Pictures

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About the Image


'Selene Among the Stars' was inspired by the permanent public statue that adorns the outside of the Nadler Hotel in London's Soho district – a sculpture by Hue Lock depicting the Greek goddess of the Moon, Selene; who in mythology was also associated with themes of magic, sleep and well being.  Having used angels as recurring themes in several of my earlier  images, I felt that Selene would be an excellent symbol of the kind of hopeful spirit that we could use in the coming year ahead.


This image  is a layered collage, composed of nearly twenty separate image elements. Most, such as the white crusted rust and sandstone frame textures, were captured from locations around London.  The 'stars' were actually from strings of Christmas lights that hung  between floors in a John Lewis department store! There is also frosty wooden decking from a recent freeze and laced fabric from a shop window along London's Carnaby Street. Each of these combine to add elements of texture and tone to select parts of the image. Another angel image - one with flowing robes - lends color and additional subtle forms to help frame the main figure of Selene.  The subtle moon phases are historic public domain elements - the only component that was not my own original photography.


With regard to original photography, the elements in this particular image were made using a variety of cameras, including a Canon 5D Mark III, a Canon 7D, a Fuji X10 and Apple's iPhone X.  I often happen upon interesting surfaces and textures in my travels around London, and will use whatever capture device is available to record these.  When shooting with the smaller formats or at higher ISO's I will often capture multiple images that can be combined later to generate a single, higher  resolution or higher quality image than might otherwise be possible in a single capture frame.





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Selene Among the Stars
Selene Among the Stars
Selene Among the Stars