The Myth of Photographic Reality – Part II

by George Murphy July 25, 2010 Journal Essays

While ‘Part I’ emphasized how the truth of an image relies on so much more than just what happens in post production (digital or chemical), there’s no denying that the ever increasing capabilities of digital tools continues to focus attention on that part of the image workflow. The resulting distrust of the images we see in published media threatens the credibility of truly important works and calls out for a method to communicate the nature of the images we create so we can re-establish trust in our audiences.

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The Myth of Photographic Reality – Part I

by George Murphy July 17, 2010 Journal Essays

There is a lot of angst these days about abuses in the digital darkroom and it’s impact on the credibility of photography in presenting honest images of the world around us. However the truthfulness of an image relies on more than just the question of how much it’s been manipulated in some image editing package; it begins with all of the subjective choices that we make before and during the moment the shutter is released.

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