One Year In London…Already

by George Murphy on November 1, 2015

Summer has definitely passed here in London. The air has gone brisk and the leaves have been turning on the tree lined streets and back gardens of downtown neighborhoods, reminding me that it’s now been over a year since I first came to this complex and vibrant city. So much of that time has seen me with my head down, fully focused on my current film work – exciting things that I am, unfortunately, not able to share on this kind of forum.

In the midst of that frenzy, there has still been a little time to explore, and to begin to experience the diverse and storied treasures this city has to offer. So, though it’s been slow in coming as we settle into our new life here…images have been captured and much darkroom work (of the digital kind) lies ahead, as I begin to understand just how I want to share this place, as a photographer and storyteller. I look forward to sharing these with you in the days ahead.


"Look" sign. Autumn leaves dust a roadway sign, reminding me to take in the many wonders of this vibrant and textured city.


B150111B-042-10a_PSwrk-sRGB_987res_wm One of four massive bronze lions that frame a view of the golden “Winged Victory” statue at the center of the Victoria Memorial on London.



B150308A-012-02a_LRwrk-sRGB_987res_wm The iconic visage of Big Ben towers over London as the shadow of a red double decker bus makes its way through the city center night.


Technical Notes:
My shooting in London has often been with whatever camera is at hand.  Sometimes it’s just my pocket Fuji X10, or even my iPhone – an older 4S at that. Some has been with more preferred tools, such as I have available when I’m in the middle of film production.  The above images were shot with an iPhone 4s, a Canon 7D and a the Fuji X10 (in that order).

Image copyright © George Murphy 2015. All rights reserved. Use by permission only.


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