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by George Murphy on July 28, 2012

Welcome to The FirstHand Journal!   The main idea behind this blog is as a place where I can share a more casual exploration of my media-centric world outside the structure of the portfolios, demo reels and more packaged presentations found on our websites and elsewhere. It is about sharing my experience of the world as a photographer and image-maker, trying to better understand the process of seeing and creating: sometimes the how, sometimes even the why…but always with an eye toward creating a meaningful experience of the subjects before my cameras or the ideas they portray.

Who am I?
I’m photographer and visual effects supervisor – previously California based, but currently living in London for an extended stint – who splits his time between still photography, multimedia, feature films, tv and commercials. I’ve been around a while–long enough to have worked with real film, chemistry and opticals, but also a very early adopter of cutting edge electronic media, pushing toward what digital tools now allow us to do; and embracing how evolving media formats and channels are changing the way we now experience it all.

While my credits include an Oscar, a BAFTA, two Emmy awards and multiple Clios for my visual effects work in the crafted world of cinema and television, I remain passionate about the power of photography to capture important ‘real’ moments and to tell meaningful stories about the people and world around us. For me it is all about context and creating content in a way that respects the integrity of that context.

Although my creative past may seem schizophrenic as I teeter between pursuits of journalistic reality and cinematic fantasy, there is much common ground between the processes and vision that I drawn upon between these worlds. It affords me an unusually broad perspective, as varied and previously isolated media come together to create new opportunities for uniquely powerful visual experiences.

For a ‘modern visualist like myself, these are unbelievably exciting times.  I am thrilled to be exploring new visual challenges that allow me to draw upon such a richly diverse, innovative range of media and tools, as I strive to create uniquely engaging imagery and stories through my work.

For more information go to www.FirstHandPictures.com or click HERE.


-George Murphy

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